Monday, February 24, 2014

Got the winter blues??

All righty, Redheads, I admit it.
I hate, loathe, despise and generally don't enjoy winter.

I've got..the Winter Blues. 

Soooooo, why not do something about it??

I decided, why not give my blues away?
Take a look, wontcha?
There's some navy blue fingerless mittens, a blue and gold silk scarf, a blue cotton dishcloth to give to someone so they can do your dishes...

And, hey now, is that...bling? glass beads earrings, blue ceramic beads, dipped in a copper glaze, and??

A sea glass and sterling silver arrowhead pendant.
And arrowhead??? How cool is that??


Anyone spot anything I didn't describe?

Here's the fine print...
I could not get wound up in Rafflecopter just yet, so we're going old school...

1) If you haven't already, 'Like' the blog, by following TFTR, AND you get your gravatar/weensy picture on the bottom of this page. 

2) Share this on Facebook, and let me know that you did.

3) Leave a comment.

Each of those flashy moves gets your name in my favourite cowboy hat, and I'll draw a winner next Sunday night, and post the name on Monday. 

And yes, this contest is open to everyone.

And by the way, the fingerless mittens, the Dishcloth for  Someone Else and the sea glass pendant? All made by my friend and fellow hockey mom, Monique Levert. 
Who is Acadian, NOT Quebecois, in case you're curious.


  1. I am now following you and I am now leaving you a comment! You forgot about the Canadian chocolate. I love the title of your contest and the goodies are so blue. Monique is very talented.

    1. Thank you!!!
      She is, and she's as nice as she is talented.

  2. OH GIRL. I am looking at that chocolate and nothing else matters...hee. No seriously, great presents and count me in!!!

  3. Chocolate and blue things? Count me in! What a delight! You are a joy, you know that? :)

  4. Well, I don't know how to "follow" this, but I do read almost every post.... and I do like the earrings, especially the coppery ones.... and I have shared it on FB. :-)

  5. I'm with you on the winter thing, especially this year. It's been the winter to end all winters around here. :) I will definitely appreciate spring all the more (not that I didn't before). What a fun giveaway! I'll be sure to share on Facebook.

    1. Gabe, you guys have had a WICKED winter!!!

      And thanks!

  6. Okay, maybe third time's the charm. I have tried to comment on this post two previous times (both from my ipad, I'll admit) with no success. I actually walked all the way to my laptop to try again -- Yes, you should feel honoured! I do have the winter blues, but I'm leaving tomorrow for Florida to leave them behind! Don't worry, I'll still be able to get the news when you draw my name out of that hat! Love your blog, my friend! You almost inspire me to get back to mine! Someday...

    1. Florida? Ahhhh, that will be fun!
      Enjoy yourselves. And use your sunscreen!

  7. I'm with you on the winter thing, too ... and I live in Texas! We had such a beautiful spring week ... I even ran a WHOLE mile in ... four days! Ha! I'm making progress. So, I didn't know the weather was going to turn cold again. I headed out to run ... thought I was such a weakling for feeling cold ... my lungs hurt breathing in the cool air ... started taking my daughter somewhere, and looked at the temp, 40 something. What? Where did that come from? No wonder my lungs hurt.

    1. Spring is not evident here yet! Not for another 4-6 weeks. Then we have mud. Mud and mud, then some mud and then, BAM, Spring!!!